Garage Conversion – Newquay

Project Brief – Garage Conversion | Size – 12m2 | Approximate Cost – £8k (2013) |
Services Provided – Design, Building Regulations

The owners of this 4 bed detached property in Newquay were looking to convert their integral garage into a playroom for their children.

Plans were drawn up for the change of use, this involved the garage door being converted into a window to match the existing on the opposite side of the property. The plans also included details for electrical work and an explanation of how and where a gas pipe should be relocated.

The proposal included all requirements to meet the building regulation standards overseen
by the British Building Surveyors (BBS.)

A & K Architectural Services was originally approached by Paul Crook (a fully qualified local builder) to draw up the plans for this conversion.

The build was completed within two weeks and the end result is very positive. The new window gives the property a satisfying symmetry and the clients children love there new space! A great result for the customer and a successful job for Paul Crook in association with A & K Architectural Services.

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