Extensions or Remodel

Your home, your ideas and our expertise ensures that together we can design the ideal extension, annexe or remodel to your home.

Everyone has a different aspiration when it comes to their home, some like open plan, others like conventional rooms, some like modern some like traditional. We design all of our residential developments bespoke to each client.

Extensions to your home can be highly personalised in terms of size and finish and we will ensure that the proposals produced tick all of your boxes whether they be single or multiple storeys, however large or small.

When considering an extension, it is important to consider how the extra space will benefit your home and whether you are using the existing space to the best of is ability. Often a remodel will drastically help with the effectiveness of any extension. Modifying the internal layout of a dwelling can often be fairly simple but transforms the function of a space.

Throughout the design phase we will be ensuring that the proposals will meet current planning policy and building regulation legislation. This will result in a proposal that is fit for purpose and deliverable.

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